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Reservation Process
Fdding's convenient and secure wedding photography brokerage service
Select your favorite studio on the studio list page.
Please send your desired studio name and product via reservation page.
Consultation about photographer, schedule, product etc.
Please make a reservation by paying the deposit, and pay the balance in cash to the studio on the day of filming.
Within 3 months after shooting, you will receive the completed shooting results.
Reservation form
How to contract?
Contract details with Fdding
- The deposit is KRW 1,000,000 to reserve Fdding Manager, shooter, and shooting schedule. You can choose between paypal and overseas account transfer.

-You can send the balance to the artist directly in cash on the day of filming. Fdding directly delivery the cash to the artist for saving online payment fees and overseas account transfer fees.
Service range
There are Fdding service and Studio service
- We provide concierge services for customers to conveniently book a business.
- We send and receive the contract, keep the deposit, and deliver it to the studio after the shoot ends. (fdding does not intervene in the transaction of the balance paid to the photographer on the day of shooting.)
- If there is an urgent situation on the day of filming, you can contact to fdding by mobile messenger and telephone.
- Checks and manages the delivery of the product under the contractual terms.
- Continuously manage service quality by conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
- We are in charge of the entire shooting day and shooting products.
- We are responsible for overall service management related to make-up and dress rental. However, certain studios may use partners.
-Depending on the product, we directly manage the pickup and interpreter services, so we provide our own cars and pick up drivers.
- There may be additional interpreters or the photographer speaks foreign languages.
- We are dedicated to sending photographed products. (Shooting files can be shipped online, but shipment items that contain print albums will be delivered via courier service.)

Thank you. Your application is complete.

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