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The most reliable Korea wedding photography brokerage service
Fdding Inc. is a Korean based company established to provide brokerage services to help both global and Korean couples who wish to film Korean weddings shoot in a safe and good studio. So we are also running a wedding photo exhibition fdding gallery in Seoul, Korea.
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Fdding interview - Henry's Garden studio
Photographer interview
Continue to stay connected with the various studios, join the studios with Fdding membership and introduce them to Korean and foreign couples. Fdding only engaged with the studios that meet great skills and standards.

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Why should I use a Korean based broker?
The size of the Korean wedding photography market is much bigger than other countries because Korean people are interested in wedding photography and sensitive to trends. However, there are still many studios with low quality. Those studios are easier to be chosen by foreign couples as it is difficult for the foreign-based brokerage firm to select and communicate with the nice studios. That is why Fdding is helping international couples to choose to high quality studios.
If you are taking wedding photography in Korea without using Fdding's brokerage service, please be aware of the following cases.
Case 1
When you are making a direct deals with the studio
- Typical studios do not have a foreign-language workforce, which can lead to misunderstandings in the communication process.
- If the studio suddenly cancels the shooting or changes the date, the shooting service maybe differs from the reservation contents. Furthermore, you may not receive the completed shooting picture.
Case 2
When you are using foreign-based brokerage company
Case 3
- Be careful with the low quality studio.
- If you have a problem, check to see if the broker is able to tune the situatio
When you are using the Korean-based broker rather than Fdding
- Make sure to check if the studio has the contract with the broker. Many brokers lie as if they were contract studios.
- Be careful of brokers who lie that they are serving brokers for a long time and on a large scale.
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